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The Natural Dog Training Academy

The Online Training Resource Where Hands & Paws Unite 

Dogs are incredibly intelligent and emotional animals, capable of expressing a diverse range of feelings.

Wouldn't it be great if you could share a deeper connection with your dog and really understand the way your dog thinks?  

Tap into your dogs natural learning style with The Natural Dog Training Academy. We have over 20 years of expert knowledge and hands-on experience, we use a calm training approach, where you learn to gain respect and build long-lasting trust with your dog.

Learn how your dogs personality shapes their behaviour, ultimately changing the way that you understand and communicate with them. 

About the NDTA

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Our philosophy is simple, and it all started in an old farmhouse over 20 years ago...

"We believe that happy, calm and in control owners have happy, relaxed and obedient dogs."

Our video courses offer an easy and convenient way to learn the fundamentals of dog psychology, so you the owner, can learn how your dog thinks and why they behave the way they do. 


We provide comprehensive courses and interactive content that will help you understand how to communicate with your dog, develop a better relationship and stop unwanted behaviours continuing.

Where Hands & Paws Unite

Where Hands and Paws Unite
Our Courses at The National Dog Training Academy

From simple basic obedience courses, including walking and recall to more serious behavioural problems such as territorial barking, separation anxiety and aggression - we are committed to giving you an increased awareness and understanding of how your dog thinks and behaves. 

With our eight in-depth video based courses, you will learn new techniques, build your confidence and ultimately become a more effective communicator, so that you feel in control of your dog at all times.

Our Courses

What do you need help with most? Select one of our courses from the list below.


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Knowledge is yours

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How does it work?

Lead Work Training

Enjoy calm, happy and focused lead walking at YOUR pace, spending stress-free time on your walks together outside.


Gain full control and peace of mind with our recall training course, so your dog happily returns off lead.

How to be the Leader in your Home 

Unlock the secret to being your dogs trusted leader and give them a greater feeling of security with our leadership training course.


Silence the chaos and enjoy a peaceful home with our barking course, designed to stop unwanted territorial and nuisance barking.

Puppy Management 

Improve your puppy’s behaviour, regardless of breed you choose or already have, using voice tone and body language.

Separation Anxiety 

Understand, manage and calm your dogs separation anxiety with this comprehensive


Aggression towards Other Dogs

Enjoy stress free walks and encounters and feel confident to walk your dog anytime and anywhere

with this course.

Aggression towards People

Manage, eliminate and reclaim your home and social life by dealing with your dogs aggressive behaviour towards you and or visitors to your home.

We offer two package styles...

Access to our learning portal 24/7 including videos, worksheets and resources.

1* Standard

As above plus a group zoom call to support and answer questions with one of our trainers.

2* Advanced

*Choose which package you would like at the checkout

Why Choose Our Courses?

Why our Courses at The Natural Dog Training Academy

Dogs are canine animals and they inherently follow a pack mentality. We follow this by tapping into your dogs natural learning style and learning to use the behaviours dogs use. They will respect and trust you in the crucial role of leader - all without the need for a treat incentive.

Natural Training Techniques

We are committed to helping you and your canine companions learn to communicate in a respectful and balanced way. Our priority is helping you, offering a life time access to all our courses, group video calls and even one to one video calls if required. 

Our Commitment

We have a long track record of supporting and encouraging owners and dogs all with a range of issues, uniting thousands of hands and paws so far! Read our testimonials to hear the stories of those we've helped.

Proven Results

Our Holistic Approach to Dog Training...

Yield lifetime results with our courses! 

Train the Trainer
Train the Trainer

This is an upcoming course. Follow us on our socials to get the latest updates!

Are you Interested in Becoming a Dog Behaviourist? 

Harry at The Natural Dog Training Academy
Lorna Mackay
Sonia Dombroski
Sophie at The Natural Dog Training Academy

With over four decades of experience between them, Sonia Dombroski and Lorna Mackay have worked with all manner of dog breeds and people. United by their commitment to the canine world, these experts go beyond the classic training techniques and unpick the why's behind your furry friend's actions.

Their methods are rooted in the complex dynamics of pack mentality, focusing on how dogs establish heirarchies and gain respect. They know how to tap into a dog's psychology, without the need for treat motivated training.

Our Story

"We began working with Lorna in March this year, may I just say what a lovely and kind person she is."


"I have no hesitation in recommending Sonia. Her knowledge and experience is second to none."


"Sonia has made a huge difference on our relationship with our year old German Shepherd, Heidi and we thoroughly recommend her."


We make happy endings happen!

Curious to hear some of our past training stories?

The Online Training Resource Where Hands & Paws Unite

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